Shapes that shape fashion: The Baguette Hand Bag

In my constant quest to research patterns and shapes in the purse and bags world, I started considering the classic shapes and cuts the world has fallen in love with.

Reinventing a new shape of bag and to make it an instant crush is one of the hardest things to do as a designer. There’s a feeling sometimes that almost everything has been done and that people copy and follow one another constantly, so originality has lost its power.

The first bag I will explore is the Baguette bag!



The baguette bag was invented in 1997 by Fendi couture house and it was almost an instant success. The stats tell us over 110,000 bags were sold in one year only! It was a different kind of bag – not functional, not comfortable, barely fits anything in – but everybody wanted it! In the words of Fendi owner Silvia Venturini Fendi to Vogue magazine: “It was foolish, a treat, anti-functional. It was the first bag that was treated like a garment.”

The name of the bag was hardly sexy – The baguette? This tiny shoulder bag rests under the arm and got his name due to his shape that resembles the famous French bread. But its fluffy name didn’t stop it from becoming a top-selling fashion hit.



The story of how the baguette bag became what it is goes through Carrie Bradshaw’s character played by Sarah Jessica Parker on the HBO hit TV show “Sex and the city”. Back when the show started, the Fendi fashion brans wasn’t as known as it is today. The show wasn’t extremely popular yet either but they did start getting increased audience attention. That’s when they asked Fendi to lend them the baguette bag to feature in the show. Sara Jessica Parker had some interesting words to say about it:

“Having Carrie wear the Baguette bag was a defining moment for us, and marked the beginning of everything. The timing was perfect for the story we were telling and the character I was playing, the Baguette was the perfect embellishment. Once Fendi loaned us items, everyone was more willing to do so, which helped us dramatically in conveying Carrie’s decadence”.



The baguette is an example of how a certain bag becomes an accessory of its own. Everyone wanted the baguette bag as it was trendy to wear as more than a bag to carry items in, it became a fashion statement. Most iconic bags beforehand were larger than the mini baguette and it opened doors to more innovative smaller sized bags.



On the next blog post, I will move on to explore the Hermès Kelly Bag. What other iconic bags you find intriguing? I love hearing your opinions and ideas! Until then, Have a colorful. Stylish day from us at Albertina Boutique!

Yours Truly,

Dikla Levi-Harel


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