Looking and finding the next source of inspiration

Did you hear the phrase “Being a creative person is not a choice, it’s a path that chooses you”?

That statement has some truth to it but it’s also a very misleading quote. Why? Because being a creative is usually something that comes from within, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard for it!

This romantic idea of being chosen by your profession lasts while you choose your ideal profession.    But for the long run, being a creative person that is constantly evolving and developing is a full-time job! Not to mention creatives like me and my colleagues that went all the way and decided to make their passion and art into their livelihood and source of income.

When you work on your art and craft, you constantly in need for great, new ideas. You need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, to show your voice of talent and fascination, to build your brand and personal brand and to deliver a fresh message every time!

But, with the constant routine of life as we know it, when and where can we find time to think about new ideas? And how do we get there?

Inspiration leads us there! And it doesn’t mean you must have the time to visit Italian galleries or read fashion magazines all day long, the opposite – inspiration is around us all the time, we need to focus and be aware of it when we wander around our world.

Those are my ways to find inspiration in my routine:

Environment and Routine: I can find inspiration on my way to feed street cats or on the way to pick up my son from kindergarten, but it happens only when I keep my mind open and relaxed. Spotting an idea for a pattern on a park on the way home or coming up with a brilliant marketing idea while visiting the grocery store fruit section is a valid option when you try to keep your mind stress-free. Absorb your surroundings and look for the inspiration in the small details.

Influencers: Looking up to people that achieved their goals and created a journey for themselves, following their passion, helps me motivate and inspire myself every day. It can be agents of change and empowerment like Tony Robbins that is also bringing a positive vibe to my desk or it can be fashion emperors like Louis Vuitton that impressed me with his new art-inspired collection (Between me and you, it reminded me of a similar idea I wanted to craft years ago for a bag collection) It’s all about people that chased their dreams and reached their goals! It inspires me and fills my mind with intricate thoughts and original ideas.

Traveling: When I travel, I simmer in my surroundings, trying to taste, see, and feel as much as I can from the new destination. Being a tourist allows you to take the guard off and mind off the usual grind and really look into details of everything around you – the colors of the main market at La Ramblas in Barcelona, the way people dress in Rome on the daily or the stunning architecture in Prague, they all turn into new inspiration for my brand and new bags for you to love!

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