Hi! I'm Dikla Levi Harel

CEO & Creative Director for Albertina Boutique


We proudly present you Albertina, the bag and accessory fashion line designed to answer your needs for sublime quality, ultimate comfort, and uncompromised fashion.

Deriving from European influences of the past, designed for present contemporary life and constructed for a long-lasting future – Our inspiration comes to life, a rich vision of minimal beauty.

Our Italian-leather bags & accessories are all hand-crafted, showcasing original art in a form of a fashion staple you can trust.

Albertina’s designs balance simplicity and sophistication, while keeping it trendy and timeless, just like you.

Join Albertina’s magical kingdom of refined taste and simplistic beauty!


The Workshop

The workshop is my haven. When I’m working on a new collection, I do most of the design work in my head; I close my eyes and imagine the color, shape, and texture of a piece. I even think about the outfit I will wear and where I’ll be going. After I have this entire vision in mind, I doodle on a piece of paper and start working to bring the product to life. The most satisfying part off all is when the outcome is exactly how I pictured it.

I see the world as a collection of beautiful images with its own soundtrack, like a Wes Andersen movie where each frame is precise and perfect. I’m a visual person by nature, but another source of inspiration is music. You can often find me in the studio dancing and singing; I can’t imagine working without it! For me, music is more than just a background noise – it plays an integral part in my creative process.

She’s the boss of her dreams, the leader of her vision and she’s always on her way.
She wears her shield with elegance and strength,a shield made of leather and confidence.
With stars in her eyes and chic in her soul,she’s constantly on-the-go, not stopping for anyone,
only to embrace the people and things she loves most.
She holds her head high,creating a path for her journey to conquer and blossom,
she’s Albertina.

Albertina Boutique is enabling women to stand out with confidence, to feel comfortable wherever they go by upgrading their look with a high end innovative accessories design.

Join Albertina’s magical kingdom of refined taste and simplistic beauty!