Hey friends and love ones! I say loved ones because I love each one of you to pieces for getting here and letting me share my piece of mind.

As Albertina brand grows and develops, it took a toll on the close relationships I created with you, my followers in Etsy and social communities.
So, when we were getting ready to launch our new website, I had no doubt I must start my own blog and share my journey with you, debate fashion, styling and everything that makes our world so much more colorful and interesting. It’s my pleasure and honor to have you here with me, sharing my world of design and inspiration!
Now when we get that out of the way, let me tell you a little about myself. Without being modest, just honest, I’ll tell you that I’m the mind, hands, and soul behind the brand. But, my work as a fashion designer wasn’t always the obvious route for me. My academic art degree is in the field of graphic design and visual communications but my heart and may I also add genetics, thanks to my mother, a pro-tailor on her own rights, led me to pursue fashion, an art that was always a great part of who I am. My graphic design background does play a role in my design process and my interest in graphic elements, color twists and creative photo shoots.
Concepting original designs and timeless quality pieces are my constant cycle of craft and passion but all that takes inspiration! I get inspired mostly through traveling and consuming art, music & culture. Yes, my mind wanders…. but also, my luggage! Traveling is a tremendous part of my life that provides a flow of colorful, creative inspiration into my life. The colors, aromas, architecture, textiles and so much more all transforms into the designs on the sketching board. Oh and did we mention the shopping? Refreshing my personal collection with unique jewelry and accessories is always a part of the trip as well as acquiring materials to create new pieces and work into my design process.

Where is your favorite travel destinations?

Where would you wish to go next?

I will be traveling to a few destinations in the next weeks. Next: London, UK, so I’m always happy for great recommendations from you London-savvy people! I’ll be sure to give my own recommendations when I get back (:

I invite you to explore our new website and share your opinions, feel free to contact me in any matter and…see you in the next post blog!


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