Dikla Harel-Levi is the heart, mind and soul behind concepting, designing and hand-crafting your next favorite Albertina bag!

Our brand is classy and elegant, all my designs are clean yet practical.
We invest a lot of thought on looks vs. quality, both issues are very important to me.
We do our best to pick out the best quality materials which will go perfectly with my designs aesthetics.

The story about the brand’s name
Albertina was my grandmother best friend. I practically grew up at my grandmother’s house

and I met all of her neighbors and friends that used to come by to a chat.
My grand parents are from Libya and the language they used at home was mostly Arabic but also Italian and Ladino,

so when I met Albertina ( which I think is the most beautiful name ever!) I fell in love with everything I thought Italy represents.
She was so stylish, her hair & make up was always perfect, she was always so elegant & used the perfect accessories to her outfit.
So when I thought of opening my own shop I immediately thought of Albertina and all the she things she represented.

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