Sunny inspirations at Costa Brava: Spanish fashion discussed – Part 1

Sunny inspirations at Costa Brava: Spanish fashion discussed – Part 1


Hey followers and readers! Today I got a special Spanish-themed blog post for you, I’m going into a double destination adventure, traveling to Catalonia, Spain for both Costa Brava and Barcelona. If you love fashion, art, and architecture as much as I do, you know what level of excitement I was feeling about the trip, a country abundant by all!

Sure, I’m always thrilled for chill and travel time with my loved ones, but I wasn’t excited about the leisure only. I was looking forward to the style and the inspiration I’m about to observe. As you know, popular Spanish brands are the to-go for many fashionistas. We’re all familiar with Zara, Paul & Bear, and Mango, some of us are more addicted than others! But the Spanish fashion world goes beyond ready-to-wear looks. Those popular brands found their success through creating affordable clothes inspired by the runway.

One of my favorite Spanish fashion designers and the one I’m choosing to highlight today, owes his eternal fame to a show that made fashion accessible and frequent on our screens, none other than “Sex in the City”. Guessed it yet? Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, every woman in America knew who Manolo Blahnik is. But long before Miss Bradshaw, Blahnik was a sensation on his own. The Spanish, Canary Island-born artist started his college days at a Geneva University, studying politics and law following his parents’ wishes. But, shortly after he started, his heart led him to a different direction. He continued to a Paris Art school and moved to London after obtaining a fashion buyer position. On 1970, he was lucky enough to present to Diana Vreeland, the editor-in-chief of U.S Vogue at the time, a few of his sketches, it was a random meeting while he was visiting in NYC! She loved his shoe sketches, he followed her advice and he is now and has been a celebrated designer for decades, known for classic iconic stiletto designs, such as the Hangisi Pump, shown here in green, worn by Elizabeth Olsen on a red-carpet movie premiere:

Or the Swan pumps Kristin Stewart rocked on her way to a Sunday brunch:

He is the ultimate “Shoe Goal” designer, worn by veteran fashion icons such as Ana Wintour as well as younger trend setters such Rihanna and Katy Perry.


Blahnik’s work is an impressive and shiny legacy in the Spanish fashion world and with all that fancy in mind, I wasn’t sure what to anticipate in the fashionable streets of Costa Brava. Is it a place that is all about classic fashion? Is it a classic beach wear kind of town? I found a mix between tourists and locals, some getting in the vibe with Spanish influences such as floral crowns and bright red assemble, spotted some average joes that were sporting their favorite t-shirts. Also caught a glance of some impressive summer dresses, sandals and hats worn by locals and visitors. You guys people-watch on vacation too, right? It’s a sport!

I noticed locals with looks defined by a trend of interesting cuts on long flowy dresses as well as maxi dresses, all kind of geometric cuts placed all over the place –  high thigh mostly, or low cuts in the back. Another trend was different shades of pink and coral colors in accessories and bags as well as goofy fanny packs. 80’s and 90’s inspired looks had a presence – neon colors and vintage prints, worn mostly by the younger crowd, 25 and under if I had to guess. It was interesting to catch bright colors and bald prints, in a perfect land filled with peach and beauty.


What do you think of when you hear about Spanish fashion? And what trends you can spot this summer? Would love to hear your recommendations and opinions, please check back soon for Part Two of my Spanish adventures! Gracias!

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