Packing as a fashionista

Packing tips for the traveling fashionista

Traveling the world and seeing beautiful cities and monuments is a key part of my life, as an artist and a person. I get my inspiration from the architecture around me but also from the fashion that surrounds me, people watching a broad is one of my favorite things!

Being a self-proclaimed fashionista and a jetsetter, I love traveling with my favorite, old and new fashion pieces and matching my outfits to the place and atmosphere of the new places I visit. When packing and trying to be productive and smart about it, I don’t always find it easy to stay fashionable but I did collect a few tips along the way to help me with that cause!

Here’s my advice for the fashionable packing:

  • I create color scheme and theme: Think of your suitcase as a color palette and try to work with solid colors. I do bring a few bald prints occasionally but vivid prints are usually a one-in-a-trip kind of outfit and requires more work around it. I try to work with similar colors, plenty of black and white and work around items that hard to match with others.
  • Accessories! Our new collection of passport and travel tags tells you what we think about before we even hit the airport – we like to sport our fashion early along the way! Beyond luggage accessories, personal accessories can lift or destroy an outfit – get a light yet interesting looking necklaces, bold earrings and cool bracelets that can transform from outfit to outfit and from day to night!
  • You need comfortable shoes, plus… never bring new shoes on your trip! Remember: it doesn’t have to be bulky and heavy to be comfortable – find light shoes that can match an outfit easily! Also, do not try new shoes for your trip, when you’re trying to explore a new city is not the time to test new shoes that might hurt or bother you.
  • Use a scarf or sunglasses to add style to your look! Both can be worn on you when you move around and doesn’t need to be packed into the suitcase but adds a boost to any look.

What are your travel packing tips? How do you keep your style fresh on-the-go and in the suitcase? Please share your ideas with me!

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