To London with Love

London was always my cup of tea, but this recent trip I took to visit there last week allowed me to look at it in a whole different light. And then….the news and reality erupted

Only a week after I came back from my London trip, I sat down to write and share with you my travel experiences in this stunning city. Excited about my new blog, I mapped out my urban stops, not missing a beat or a bit and describing the sights, flavors and sounds I was lucky to enjoy in Great Britain. As I was detailing my route, going back to the magical path of music, fashion, and culture I took in this adventure, I learned about the horrific London attack.

My heart stopped.

Just days ago I was there, crossing the London streets and inspired by the ongoing force of this city, the creativity that is oozing from everywhere and the elegance this city has to offer to the world.

Suddenly, the beautiful memories changed to fear and confusion. Recapping my journey through the city, all the “ifs” and “what ifs” came into play.

I wanted to tell you about the best pizza slice I ever had, yes – even better than Italy and about my shopping escapades at Notting Hill, but in times like that, all I can think about is the faces, smiles and vibe of the city that lifted my spirits and how now it is so down and sad.

Living and creating art and fashion in Tel Aviv, I know how terror and danger can affect your livelihood, your ability to create and to lead a productive lifestyle. Without going into politics, it’s clear to say, both sides suffer the consequences but the muses are never silent. From the greatest pain, comes out the strongest art and the most powerful message and creations.

Keep calm and carry on, the infamous British phrase, isn’t quite the right one in that moment, but it feels like that will lead the agenda about the way the city will treat the incident, in a cool, collected way, trying to bring back the security to the British empire and mend the broken hearts along the way.

Sending my love and strength to the people of London today, knowing the empire will live on.

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