Barcelona through your feet: Spanish fashion discussed – Part 2

Somedays I just feel so lucky! Not because I won something grand or received something for free, just because I managed to create my own path to develop my brand and gather a community around me. My clients enjoying my products and taking part in my journey is the greatest thing I could hope for. On this note, I would love to thank you all for getting here and reading about my travels and adventures. To show my worldly love – were offering free shipping worldwide – just so you know we love you all around the world!

Did you get a chance to catch the first part of my Spanish-themed blog post? Well now were in Part 2, so head to the main blog page if you wish to read more!

Indulging in the beautiful landmarks of Catalonia, Spain – both Costa Brava and Barcelona, left me with a taste for more. Observing the world of Spanish fashion for a few weeks was fascinating. The detailed outfits, conservative looks next to bohemian wild outfits, bare-shoulder dresses along with long sleeve, closed assembles, all inspired me towards my next sketching and drafting session, creating designs for bags, purses, clutches, and accessories you can add to your summer and winter looks, seamlessly and flawlessly.

In Part 1 of my Catalonia escapades I highlighted one of my favorite and a global favorite for many, stemming from the Canary Islands, Spain, none other than the iconic Manolo Blahnik. Blahnik is a known household name, even for those of us who don’t know couture that much, but today I wish to highlight a less known, but not less talented Spanish designer – Adolfo Dominguez. Dominguez was born in Northern Spain in 1950 and when he was in his twenties, he took over his father’s small fashion boutique. He studied design and went further to explore and design his own creations, leading to the first ever brand-name store in Madrid! opening under his name of course. Now his daughters are running the elegant brand that describe their style of clothing as “simplicity with a breath of poetry”. Chic, roomy, elegant, sheer breath of air – all those were used to describe Dominguez style in fashion magazines.

Me personally? I adore his men suites, they have a great fit, a sense of light, breezy wear while wearing a 2-piece suit is not easy but he makes dressing up great looks so easy. I also love his bowling bags style, bags with a sense of space and comfort while looking classy and elegant! It’s the essence of what we aspire to do daily in my work on our Albertina collection, keeping it trendy and timeless, just like you!


When music and art meet in Barcelona


Barcelona is not only about fashion, is also about art! So, I found myself on the way to “David Bowie is” the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. Are you visiting Barcelona before August? Good! Because the exhibit will close in about 2 months, moving to a new destination, and allowing others to get inspired from it.

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum are the producers behind the exhibit, and it is the first international bowie museum show ever. It is quite impressive! And that’s an understatement, with over 350 objects from Bowie’s life – some even from his personal collection.

Bowie’s long career is an inspiration to many, including me. His original thought process and the way he envisioned art and music for nearly five decades is an amazing road to travel. He didn’t only create iconic genera once, he created more than a few! Different styles – from goth to glam to sheer bizarre – it’s always innovative and always fascinating. He broke rules before they were made and he had an avant-garde sense to him – he was always first to spot and create the trends, in the music, film, art or fashion. From my fashion standpoint, Ziggy Stardust’s outfits and the incredible stage designs created solely for his shows were the ones that made me so emotional, it brought tears to my eyes. The magnitude of talent is unbelievable and even more unbelievable is the production rate and ideas that kept on flowing – in different ages and stages of his career, never making a dull decision or copying someone else, always keeping and authentic to his own vision. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy this exhibit while I was visiting a city that is simmered with beauty and fashion, it was the cherry o the top of my Spanish Gelato! I know Gelato is Italian…. but they had some great sweets in Barcelona as well, check out DelaCrem ice cream parlor if you get a chance along your strolls.

Who is your favorite artist? And what great museums and destinations you recommend for my next European venture? Love hearing your point of view, feel free to PM me or comment for any question. Have a good day friends and followers or should I say – Que tengas un buen día!

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